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Free Stuff

Everything in this section is free! Simply click the button, download and you’re done!


The Happy Guinea Pig at a glance feeding guide
HGP How to hold your guinea pig printable
HGP help your guinea pig settle in printable

Colouring Pages

HGP drink up colouring page
HGP Love Piggy colouring page
HGP Happy snacking piggie colouring page


2022 Journal

Plan out 2022 in style with our guinea pig-themed 2022 planner! This planner helps you take charge of your year with clearly laid out monthly and weekly pages, plus there are some cute guinea pig illustrations to help brighten your day! 

Care Guide For Kids

This guinea pig care journal has been designed especially for children. It’s fun and easy to fill in. Plus, it encourages interaction between your child and their new pet! It can also be used to encourage a child to interact with their existing guinea pigs.


The perfect gift for a guinea pig or animal lover! 

If you are looking for a great gift or just thinking of upgrading your current notebook then this cute notebook is the one for you.

Great for notetaking, journaling, as a diary, place to collect ideas or for reminders!

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