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We adore guinea pigs and love finding ways to make them happy! We have had the pleasure of caring for a fair few guinea pigs over the years and currently have two females now – Chocolate and Orange (we also love Terry’s chocolate orange as you can tell!)

Over the years We have picked up a vast amount of knowledge of guinea pigs learned through trial and error along with advice received through pet specialists. We love spending time with our guinea pig along with keeping up to date with all the new wonderful toys you can buy for them.

Us and our Happy Guinea Pigs.

We’ve owned multiple guinea pigs over the years – long-haired and shorted haired along with male and females. We’ve also enjoyed discovering each and every one of their individual personality traits. Our two current guinea pig residents are always keeping us amused.

We have Orange who is the leader and rather serious (unless having her chin tickled – she likes to close her eyes and pretend no one can see her!) and then we have Chocolate who is the queen of the wheek. She just loves food and is not shy at all when she thinks she can hear the fridge door opening (or a plastic bag crinkle!)

Our two are very playful and are still known to bust out a popcorn dance move or two. They adore each other along and often spend their days just following each other around the run.

Our Mission

We want our website to be a great resource to help learn about caring for your guinea pigs. We will be offering direction and advice on as many guinea pig-related matters as we can think of. We’ve gained some really valuable experience over the years and have created this website as a place to share it.

There are lots of conflicting information about in relation to the care of guinea pigs, so this website will quash all the myths and mystery around caring for your guinea pig.

So take a look around and if you have any questions or comments, Then get in touch. We would love to hear from you. We write and publish a new post on the first Thursday of every month. We also check in daily to answer questions, emails and comments.

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May your popcorn be high and your food bowl be full!

The Happy Guinea Pig Team July 2020


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  1. John Uter says:

    Any chance you can supply me with a high res image of your “How Often to Feed” chart?

    I’ve tweaked the one on your web site in PhotoShop, but still am unable to get a clear and sharp image to print even though it is a JPG image.


    John Utter

    • Happy Guinea Pig Admin says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Sure no problem. I’ve emailed it over to you.

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