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We absolutely love guinea pigs! If you do to or are thinking of getting a guinea pig as a pet then you are in good company! On our site you will learn everything you need to take care of your guinea pig as well as creating an unbreakable bond between you and your piggy! Here you will find tried and tested information on choosing the right home and environment for your guinea pig to live in along with what they like to eat, how to take care of any health issues along with preventing them from getting ill, how they communicate with you and even information on how to train your guinea pig!


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We currently have two guinea pigs that we brought on July 2018 when they were eight weeks old. Here they are:

brown guinea pig
This is Chocolate
orange guinea pig
This is Orange

Chocolate is a long hair and very emotive. She loves lots of strokes and fussing. Orange is a short hair and is the complete opposite. She is the leader so doesn’t really care for too much of a fuss (although she does love a good tickle under the chin)

"An animals eyes have the power to speak a great language"​
Martin Buber
German Philosopher
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