Guinea Pig Shopping List

 I have created this at a glance guinea pig shopping list for everything you need for a new guinea pig. It also contains some great ideas for existing guinea pig owners!

Outdoor housing

The below items are the basics of what your guinea pig will need if they are to live outside. 

best hutch for guinea pigs
best run for guinea pigs

Indoor housing​

A cage and indoor playpen is required if your guinea pigs live inside. If your unsure if your guinea pigs are best inside or outside, check out where do guinea pigs live article.

indoor cage
best run for guinea pigs
easy to store guinea pig cage

Cage/hutch cleaning

Guinea pigs are naturally very clean animals. Most cages or hutches only need at most a twice weekly clean. 

best dustpan and brush for guinea pig cage
Guinea pig cleaning spray


Stay away from sawdust or wood chippings as they can damage your guinea pigs eyes. You can also make your own shredded paper!

how to stop guinea pigs smell
Best hay for guinea pigs
pink guinea pig fleece


Your guinea pigs diet should be made up of hay, pellets, grass, water and vegetables. Check out our feeding section for more information.

guinea pig brown food bowl
water bottle for guinea pigs


Treats can be a great way to bond with your guinea pigs. They are also great for saying well done after a trip to the vets or a bath. safe fruit can also be offered as a treat.

treats for guinea pigs
sticks for guinea pig teeth


Guinea pigs love to have fun! Ensuring they have something to do is essential for their health.


Soft beds for your guinea pigs

Did you know guinea pigs are active for 20 hours a day?! Although they only sleep for 4 hours, they do love to lie down! Having something soft provides lots of comfort.

guinea pig bed
Guinea pig plsuh bed
Guinea pig plush bed

Guinea Pig Tunnels

Another great way to keep your guinea pigs entertained is with a tunnel! Its also great for wearing their teeth down!

how guinea pigs have fun

Summer Essentials

Heat stroke can be fatal for guinea pigs so keeping them cool is vital. Check out our keeping guinea pigs cool article for more information.

Slate for keeping guinea pigs cool

Winter Essentials

A cold guinea pig can catch a cold or even pneumonia. Make sure you know how to keep them warm in winter.

keep guinea pigs warm


Even short haired guinea pigs benefit from being brushed once a week. Learn all about grooming in our Grooming and Handling section.

guinea pig grooming
scissors to cut guinea pig fur
Guinea pig shampoo
Guinea pig nail clippers
Styptic powder for guinea pigs
guinea pig fleece

Every item on this guinea pig shopping list is one that we use (or have used) for our Guinea pigs.

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