Introducing the Ultimate Guinea Pig Christmas Gift Guide – Updated for 2021!

I don’t know about you but I love any excuse to spoil my two guinea pigs – Chocolate and Orange. Christmas is the perfect time for this! In this article, I will be showcasing guinea pig Christmas gifts ideas.

Make it Christmas Themed

There are some seriously fun things out there for guinea pigs this Christmas! I love the Christmas themed stuffed especially such as a Christmas tree plush bed and this reindeer themed bed.

Christmas is a great time to have some fun with your guinea pigs hutch or cage and their run. Introducing new items to their normal everyday routine keeps your guinea pig happy, engaged, and stops them from getting bored. A bored guinea pig suffers from some serious health problems such as depression.

Please be aware of guinea pig hats as they always make an appearance this time of year. Whilst it’s very cute placing a Santa hat on your guinea pig and indeed some of them do like it, ensure that there are no tight fastenings around their neck and that the hat can be easily removed by you if and when needed.

We have seen unfortunate cases or guinea pigs having their hats digging into their fur and causing them harm. Of course, the hats can be enjoyed over the festive period but remember never to leave your guinea pig unattended if it is wearing a festive hat. We have always opted out of placing fixed clothing on our guinea pigs.

Boredom Breakers

Christmas for your guinea pig can be used to liven up their living space and give them some new things to explore. We like to start by reviewing what their cage currently looks like and then introducing new items gradually over the festive period as opposed to giving it to them all in one day.

Usually, our guinea pigs have lots of tunnels and plush hideouts so we mix it up by buying different colours and patterns along with items that can be moved or pushed by our piggies.

A new hiding place is always a great idea to liven up the cage a bit along with refreshing any old and worn chew sticks or wooden chews.

Guinea pigs love to explore and find new things. Empty toilet rolls, thick cardboard tubes, and even crumpled up newspapers are also great gift ideas for your guinea pig that you may already have lying around the house. Remember if you are going to paint them or use glue, be sure to check it is suitable for pets.

Food for thought

guinea pig feeder

Guinea pig treats don’t have to be boring! Guinea pigs can have fun searching out tasty treats whilst also wearing down their teeth to help keep them healthy. We like to replace their worn-down treat maze and edible huts regularly as they can get rather worn down.

We also treat them (pardon the pun) to some new edible toys that include hay. Hay is an important part of a guinea pigs diet and it forms up to 80% of their overall food intake! Guinea pigs don’t need much encouragement to nibble away at the stuff but introducing things such as a forage cube or a tunnel made of hay is a great way to keep them entertained whilst also providing them alternative ways to enjoy hay.

Lots of guinea pig treats out there are marketed as being safe but are actually full of sugar which is bad for your guinea pigs teeth and overall digestive system. Ensure you are checking what is actually going into these treats before purchasing. We stick to hay based treats or those made from natural ingredients such as pea flakes and chew sticks.

Upgrade their cage

Its scary to think, but most guinea pig cages sold in pet stores are actually too small for their occupants! Christmas is a good time to double check that your guinea pigs have plenty of space in their cage or hutch.

Generally speaking, your guinea pig should have enough space to pull up on its back two legs without banging its head along with enough space to walk about, clean itself, and lie down. The more guinea pigs you have the more space you will need.

Hutches generally provide adequate space for Guinea pigs as they are more typically made with a rabbits size in mind. Its indoor cages tend to be built smaller by being designed to fit into smaller spaces. There are lots of cages out there and the best way to choose the right cage for you is to do your research or invest in a customisable cage that can be built any way you want to fit in with your space and style.

Another fun way to upgrade their cage is by buying some fun matching cage accessories! I love Haypigs and their fun circus-themed guinea pig items!

It doesn’t have to cost much


Treating your guinea pig doesn’t have to cost a fortune even though there are some really expensive items out there. Here’s I have put together a great selection of guinea pig items that cost under £26!

Tunnel £4.99 – Made of sturdy cardboard this is a great gift for your guinea pig! Not only can they hide instead and run through it, but they can also chew the edges to help wear down their teeth!

Plush Bed

Fluffy plush bed £8.20 – I would pay extra and order the XL as guinea pigs love lying down and our two like to snuggle up together. A great place for your guinea pig to hide and also have a little sleep.

Forage cube £3.17 – A fun toy to investigate and chew! This chew toy will keep your guinea pigs entertained for as long as it takes them to get all the hay from inside!

Edible log £9.73 – the most expensive of the bunch, this log makes a great place to hide, sleep, lie down and chew!

Forage Cube
Edible Log


It’s great treating your guinea pigs to some new items whilst also being great for their well being! Guinea pigs need lots of stimulation to keep them from getting bored so changing up toys, hiding places and even just the fleece cage liner are perfect for this.

How do you spoil your guinea pig? What are you getting them for Christmas this year? Let us know by commenting below.

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