Announcing The Best Christmas Presents For Guinea Pigs

Have you thought about Christmas Presents For Guinea Pigs? We love Christmas as we get to spoil our two piggies as well as our children! We love any excuse to spoil Chocolate and Orange, our two guinea pigs. If you are unsure of what to get your piggies then this article is for you!

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New Digs

The best Christmas presents for guinea pigs

Whilst a new hutch or cage isn’t the most glamourous of Christmas presents for guinea pigs, it will be well received. Guinea pigs spend a huge amount of time in their hutch or cage so it is well worth the money. Remember to always buy the biggest cage or hutch that you can afford.

Most houses sold for guinea pigs in pet stores are actually far too small. The RSPCA states the minimum size cage for 2 adult guinea pigs is 120cm x 60cm x 45cm. Ideally aim for as large as you can. Small cages need to be balanced out with larger play areasfor exercising.


The best hutch Christmas presents for guinea pigs

If your guinea pigs live outside then a new hutch would make up part of some great Christmas presents for guinea pigs. Hutches are often badly worn due to being out in all weathers.

Aim for as large a hutch hutch as you can as guinea pigs require lots of space for running around and exercising. Ensure the hutch is rodent proof as rats are attracted by bedding and droppings. It also stops your guinea pigs from escaping!

Ideally, aim for a hutch that has legs to keep it off the ground. Hutches that have direct contact with the ground get cold and damp. Colds and chills are fatal for guinea pigs so keeping their sleeping area off the ground is essential.

A common issue with outside hutch and runs is that foxes are able to dig underneath wire floor designs and get inside! Always ensure you quality check any hutches and runs you buy to ensure there are no sharp corners or dangerously exposed wire. This will stop you and your guinea pigs from getting hurt.


Best cages for guinea pigs

If your guinea pigs are housed inside then upgrading to a bigger cage will really help them have a Merry Christmas! Remember if your guinea pigs are pets for a child then it’s a good idea not to keep the cage in their bedroom. Guinea pigs are active for up to 20 hours a day!

Always buy a cage that fits in with the space allocated for your guinea pigs and beware of multi-storey cages. Unfortunately, elderly guinea pigs won’t be able to climb steep ramps or steps.

Snuggle Up

Guinea pig Christmas tree plush bed new

What piggie wouldn’t love a new snuggly bed! We adore the Christmas themed ones especially this  Christmas tree plush bed. Whilst guinea pigs don’t spend long actually sleeping (they are nappers!) they do love to lie down in a comfy and cosy space.

Always look out for detachable mats inside the beds, this makes it extremely easy to keep the beds clean. The mats also dry much quicker than having to wash the whole bed.

Tasty Treats

All guinea pigs love treats! It can be hard to navigate the treat section since a lot of them are full of sugar or harmful items so we’ve done all the research for you. We always keep some handy for our guinea pigs as they are great for laptime. playtime and also as rewards for litter training and grooming.

Our top picks are treat mazes and edible tunnels, as they are not only delicious (according to Chocolate) but also are great at wearing down a guinea pigs ever-growing teeth.

Hay is always a favourite with guinea pigs so purchasing (or making) hay-based toys are sure to give your piggies a treat. Forage cubes stuffed with hay or a tunnel made of hay are a great way to entertain your guinea pigs whilst also providing them alternative ways to enjoy hay.

If you are looking for more stocking filler types of treats but without the sugar then hay sticks and are great additions to your guinea pigs diet.

Terrific Toys

can guinea pigs be toilet trained

Guinea pigs love toys! Christmas is a great time to refresh old, worn toys and introduce some new ones. Guinea pigs need entertainment in order to live happy, healthy lives.

Tunnels, and toys to chew, are all excellent ways to feed their curious nature and give them something to do whilst your away from the cage.

Guinea pigs love to explore and find new things. Empty toilet rolls, thick cardboard tubes, and even crumpled up newspapers are also great gift ideas for your guinea pig that you may already have lying around the house. Remember if you are going to paint them or use glue, be sure to check it is suitable for pets.

Wrap it up


Pet Christmas stockings make an appearance this time of year. Unfortunately most of the time these treats are loaded with sugar and potentially harmful chemicals. They often also contain nuts, seeds and corn kernels which are not suitable for guinea pigs.

If you have your heart set on gifting your guinea pig a Christmas stocking (like we do every year) then the best thing to do is make it yourself.

Simply purchase a washable stocking to reuse or use a natural, organic paper bag as the stocking. It can then be filled with items of your choosing (whether store-bought or homemade)

A Very Piggie Christmas

Guinea pig Christmas dinner

Christmas is an exciting time for guinea pigs. It’s usually a time when the whole family are at home more creating a lively environment. Your guinea pigs will love popping out of their hiding places to investigate the noise or sniffing the air as Christmas dinner approaches!

We often play Christmas games with our guinea pigs and prepare them a special Christmas meal! Find out more here.

Our guinea pigs always have a fruit salad for starters which includes a few slices of strawberries, melon, pear and some mint leaves to top it off.

The main meal consists of sprouts, a cherry tomato, lettuce mix (endive, escarole, radicchio, mizuna, red Batavia, Lollo rosso) and parsnip peel. All served on a bed or either baby spinach or kale.

For dessert, they have a selection of herbs usually mint, parsley, coriander and cilantro.

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